A\A magazine

A graphic arts culture magazine, published by Les Rencontres internationales de Lure

Après\Avant (literally « Before and After ») is a magazine which sets out to record the mood and movements affecting the two main highlights of our association’s year. These are :

  • « After », which is a follow-up to summer school week in Lure, in the form of written summaries of the various presentations.
  • « Before », which is published prior to our summer school.

Après\Avant issues #1 and #3 are available via R-Diffusion

les Rencontres de Lure in print

The content of Après\Avant magazine is sourced from the multi-faceted research and exchanges which take place within our association. These exchanges are about typography and the written word. Our magazine attempts to record the thought- processes which emerge before and after our summer school week :

  • « Après » is a series of thirty or more reports, illustrating the week’s various and enriching ideas, words and images. These reports show, with their points and counterpoints, how our presenters have developed the year’s main theme from their own perspective.
  • « Avant » is a series of six especially-commissioned articles, published before an upcoming event, and setting out to highlight common links and possibilities around the chosen theme.

Lucien de Roeck once said, with some humour : « For myself, the year consists of two parts, before and after Lurs ».

Michel Olyff

a multiple-entry magazine

Après\Avant sets out to break down the barriers between generations, disciplines and areas of professional expertise. Typeface creators, graphists, publishers, printers, authors, teachers, students, researchers, information designers, amateurs and those-just-curious are all invited to contribute and compare their points of view, their experiences and their discoveries relating to the themes chosen by our association.

Avant\Après is also there to give insights into the behind-the-scenes workings which exist around the printed or written word, by offering its pages to a wide variety of typographical creators. Invitations are sent to typeface designers who may wish to share their research. The magazine has become a showcase for new and previously unseen typefaces which have been created by numerous young and talented professionals.

the A\A team

Editorial conception : Marie-Astrid Bailly-Maître & Sandra Chamaret
Graphic design : link: http://www.grandensemble.net text: Grand ensemble), Julien Gineste & Sandra Chamaret
Publishing : Adeline Goyet
Advertising & Sponsoring : Olivier Nineuil